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We belong group of real estate investors and we’re expanding our team. The group we our team is part of is called Nationwide Business Development Group which is part of Renatus. Click this link…  fdrinvestments.we-do-realestate.com

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Our goal is to help people learn how to invest in real estate in ways that work for them.

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We offer:

  • On demand online real estate investment education in both live and recorded formats.
  • The opportunity to work with others to find, fund, and sell various types of real estate deals.
  • Plus the opportunity to offer a spectacular real estate investment education to others and earn generous commissions which are paid twice weekly.
  • If you join us  you’ll get the training and the support you truly deserve.

You can attend a Live or Online Investors Forum where you will learn how you will be training & by working with our community of real estate investors. You will also learn how you can get paid to work remotely and help build our local communities, get paid to network, train and invest with top Real Estate Investors throughout the nation. Within our real estate investing community, we have people with no experience just starting out to experts who have been working in the real estate field for over 20+yrs. 

Some things you may want to know:

You do NOT need a real estate license, although it’s totally okay if you have one.

You get to set your own hours and determine exactly how much effort you want to put in.

Your earnings are based on your performance and paid twice a week, and yes, direct deposit is available.

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You can learn exactly what you need to know about how to get into real estate investment and how to stay there profitably. Earnings like these, while not typical, nor guaranteed, they are certainly possible – below is a screenshot of an actual earnings statement of my mentor, Scott Rowe.

earn while you learn real estate

Admittedly Scott’s earnings are spectacular and not typical. It is for illustration purposes only and no promise that you’ll be able to do the same is implied. Such income although real, is the result of hard work and isn’t easy to create or, in some cases, even possible for some people.

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  • Where to find the best real estate deals,
  • Tax & Legal Strategies-How to structure your real estate & home based business for each deal, asset protection and more
  • Creative Acquisition & Exit Strategies
  • Creative Financing, No Money/No Credit Property Acquisition
  • Hard Money & Private Money Lending,
  • Fix & Flips, Rehabbing
  • Short Sales, Foreclosures, REO’s, Auctions
  • Tax Liens & Tax Deeds
  • Wholesaling
  • Buy & Hold – Rentals & Lease Options
  • Seller Financed Notes
  • Multi-Unit Properties 4-100 units
  • and yes, there’s much more,

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We send this web link to your family, friends, relations who may have interest in learning real how to do:

Surround yourself with real like minded people who want to learn from the best. Constantly learn online from your back office, at your local events, national weekly training webinars and coaching calls until you don’t need us anymore. Our national team of Real Estate Investors  invite you to come learn about joining the Renatus Community.

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Retire here! Live the dream of peace and tranquility.

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